Premium quality, Competitive price, Safety certificate, Customized design, Oversea installation


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Premium quality, Competitive price, Safety certificate, Customized design, Oversea installation


Welcome to Antalya Park Romania

We are Antalya Park Romania, the fastest growing trampoline park and soft play manufacturer company from the world. The goal for our success is making high quality products and reaching our customer’s expectations.

Antalya Park ,which is  the biggest manufacturer from  Eastern Europe, North Africa and Middle East area, includes two production factories. Moreover, soft play playgrounds, trampoline parks, adventure parks, climbing walls, ninja courses, toddler playgrounds are some of the products that we are proud to offer to our customers. 

Our company is in continuous development  hence we are looking for ways to be better than our competitors. Being and experienced company with perseverent and vibrant team we have no limits in the design and manufacturing skills, therefore we will do everything we can to meet all our customers expectations.

Our conception include a special design composed by a panel based tehnology assembly make it easier to install and shorting the time of the installation. That will count down to less expensive installations and faster way to get your business going. As the demand it's growing fast , we are looking for reliable resellers all over the world.

Please do not hesitate to let us know about  your dreams and we, as a leading Soft Play and Trampoline Park Supplier, are here to make your dream come true.

History of playground

  • The world of children playground evolved so much starting with 1885 when the first playground was built in Germany. It was  called the sand garden and today it is known as a proper playground area.
  • Moreover, with the development of social economy and improvement of living standard, the demand of playground equipment constantly increased in the past years. Because of that, we come with the idea to fill children’s needs for entertaiment.
  • As our company is  well known all over the world, we are grateful for the confidence that our customers have in us. Therefore, safety and fun will be the key of our playground. For this reason, Antalia park provides fireretardant playground equipment which is an essential  feature  for the indoor playground spaces. We also follow the existing guideline which is primarily focus on the layout and engineering of playground to maximize the safety of all children involved in play activities.
  • Another thing is that every solitary play provides an opportunity for children to practice newly learned skills in a non threathening situation. It's extremely essential that the playgound environment should be design to maximize it's potential as a learning and fun aid.
  • As an important manufacturer in this field it's our job to pay attention to our customers need and ideas.
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