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            First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are Antalya Park, a trampoline and also a soft play manufacturer company well known worldwide. We like things well done and this is why our goal is making high quality products so all our customers have their expectations fullfiled.

      Antalya Park is  the biggest soft play manufacturer from  Eastern Europe, North Africa and also Middle East and includes two production factories, our company being in continuous development.

If until now, your children have not been aware of all the fun things they can find in modular playgrounds it's time to let them know. Antalya Park offers soft play playgrounds, trampoline park, climbing walls, ninja  courses, adventure parks, toddler playgrounds and these are only some of the products that all our customers can have.

You can call as also a children playground factory because these is one of the things we are really good at and day by day we are looking for ways to increase our services so that we always remain as the first options in this line for our clients. Of course that our team, that is a perseverent and hard working one, manages to create all sort of indoor play equipment, having no limits in what we call manufacturing and design skills.  Companies for all over the world are searching for different type of playgrounds, trampolines for sale, different size and complexity, for large number of users simultaneously, etc., so that we will do everything we can to meet all our customers expectations. 

As an indoor playground manufacturer we want to make things as easy as possible for our customers so our concept is one based on a design that allows them to install in the easiest and fastest way so that their business can grow in no time. 

There are so many elements for which you can opt for an indoor playground and we can offer you everything. The playground equipment can be tailored to the needs of those who require it, depending on the project they have in mind, and can be preferentially structured in relation to the items that have been requested.

For example, kids trampoline is not only a fun way for kids to spend their day, but also an opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits to children's health regarding cognitive skills, physical activity and social outcomes.

        So, if you are searching for an indoor trampoline and more, to not hesitate on calling us, such us we are a leading Soft Play and Trampoline Park Supplier, that can really make all your dreams come true.

History of playground


  • The idea of ​​the playground originated in Germany and was invented as a platform to teach children the right ways to play. The first playground for children was built in 1859 in a park in Manchester, England. Although they appeared before this time, playgrounds were properly introduced in the United States by President Roosevelt in 1907.
  • London was the first city to introduce "Playgrounds from Recycled Materials" during World War II through landscape architect and child rights fighter Lady Allen of Hurtwood. This changed its name to 'Adventurous playground' in 1953, creating the National Playground Association. These playgrounds were built from recycled scrap metal, for children to design and create playgrounds in spaces such as construction sites and waste.
  • Since then, playgrounds have seen many design trends, and their design can now be seen as a form of artistic architecture. A good design is considered: provocative, but sure, aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and innovative. Materials that have been and continue to be used include: wood, HDPE plastic, steel, aluminum, PVC, rubber, artificial turf and many more. Most of the modern playgrounds include all these materials.
  • As our company is  wellknownall over theworld, we want to keep on creating fun and safe playground, our primarily focus being on the layout and engineering of playground tomaximize the safety of all children and to give them an opportunity to practice new skills in a nonthreathening place. It's extremely essential dor us, as an important manufacturer in this field, to pay attention to our customers need.


Our advantages:

  1. Antalya Park provides premium quality playground equipments at a competitive price. We are the first Turkish with the EN - 1176 (Generally safety requirements) and EN 1177 (Impact Absorbing Playground Surfacing) certificate.
  2. One of the most important feature of our equipment is the fact that they are fire retardant making it safe in every circumstances.
  3. Every client it's different as their needs, so for that reason we make customized design and a 3D project for every space.
  4. The oversea/worldwide installation made by our professional team will be finished more quickly than our competitors due to our panel based system assembly meaning reduced time and costs for the assembly.


We will take care of all the details including:

premium quality

competitive price

safety certificate

customized design

oversea installation

fast freights rates


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Why chose us

We provide high quality services
  • Premium quality
  • Competitive price
  • Safety certificate
  • Fire retardant
  • Customized design
  • Worldwide installation
  • ISO
  • EN, Certificate

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